Our Services

Discover Excellence in Healthcare Staffing with Hawthorne Health. Our tailored Permanent Recruitment solutions cater to private hospitals, nursing/residential homes, home care, and mental health organizations in the UK. From Acute Care to Doctors, we match top-tier professionals, ensuring your facility delivers superior patient care. Trust Hawthorne Health for staffing excellence.

Focused on Providing

Acute Care

Our experienced recruitment team is well-versed in sourcing professionals for acute care settings, ensuring that your facility maintains high standards of patient care at all times.

Pediatric Care

We understand the unique needs of pediatric healthcare, and our  experts are adept at finding the right professionals to care for the youngest members of your community.

Complex Care

We specialize in recruiting professionals who are skilled in handling complex medical cases, ensuring that your facility can meet the demands of even the most challenging patients.

Domiciliary Care

We have a strong track record of placing compassionate and skilled individuals in domiciliary care roles, enhancing the quality of life for patients in their own homes.

Post-Operative Care

Post-operative care is critical for patients' recovery, and our recruitment services ensure that your facility has the qualified staff to provide top-quality care.

Mental Health

Mental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being, and our recruitment team is dedicated to sourcing mental health professionals who are compassionate and capable.

Respiratory Care

Hawthorne Health is your go-to partner for recruiting respiratory care specialists who can provide essential support to patients with respiratory conditions.


Hawthorne Health can connect you with highly qualified doctors across various specialties, ensuring that your healthcare facility has access to the best medical expertise.

Support Work

Our extensive network of support workers can assist in various healthcare settings, offering invaluable assistance to patients and healthcare teams alike.